5th Grade Science - Test 1

The following test has 8 questions.

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Using the battery and light bulb shown above, how could you show that metal conducts electricity and glass does not conduct electricity?
  a. Touch the metal and glass bars together.
  b. Touch wire 1 to the metal bar and then to the glass bar.
  c. Touch wire 2 to the metal bar and then to the glass bar.
  d. Touch wires 1 and 2 to opposite ends of the metal bar and repeat with the glass bar.

2. Many animals depend on plants for
  a. shelter.
  b. pollination.
  c. seed dispersal.
  d. sunlight.

3. Which animals are most likely to carry the seeds found in berries from the parent plant to another area?
  a. bees
  b. birds
  c. flies
  d. caterpillars

4. Iron fillings and bar magnets were placed on a sheet of paper. The following diagram shows the pattern made on the paper.

At which location is the magnetic field the strongest?
  a. 1
  b. 2
  c. 3
  d. 4

5. The diagram below shows a simple food web.

Which animal is classified as an omnivore?
  a. red fox
  b. deer
  c. black bear
  d. rabbit

6. Which of these revolves around a planet?
  a. an asteroid
  b. a star
  c. a comet
  d. a moon

7. A student will measure and record the growth of two flowering plants every other day for 10 days.

According to the diagram, which question is being tested?
  a. Do flowering plants grow better when watered with salt water?
  b. How much fertilizer do flowering plants need?
  c. Does fertilizer added to the soil lead to taller flowering plants?
  d. How tall do flowering plants grow?

8. Which action will result in a product with new chemical properties?
  a. shredding a newspaper
  b. breaking a mirror
  c. cutting wood
  d. popping popcorn

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