4th Grade Reading - The Cracked Chinese Jug

The following test has 5 questions.

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1. Read this story. Then answer questions 1 through 5.

Which word best describes Han Han?
  a. careful
  b. wise
  c. happy
  d. strong

2. The chart below shows the order of events in the story.

Which event best completes the chart?
  a. The cracked jug realizes it is valuable.
  b. Han Han carries the jugs to the river.
  c. The cracked jug cries because it leaks.
  d. Han Han puts the empty jugs on the pole.

3. What will most likely happen next in the story?
  a. Han Han will sell the jugs.
  b. The cracked jug will feel proud.
  c. Han Han will fix the cracked jug.
  d. The jugs will become friends.

4. Which detail about the jugs is most important to the story?
  a. The perfect jug carries a full load of water.
  b. Han Han smiles at the jugs and puts them on the shelf.
  c. Han Han carries the jugs with a bamboo pole on his shoulder.
  d. The cracked jug sees that the flowers are only on his side of the path.

5. Read this sentence from the story.

"Then all that time I felt useless," said the cracked jug, "my flaw was really my most valuable part!"

Which word means about the same as "flaw"?
  a. sadness
  b. cleverness
  c. kindness
  d. weakness

Good Luck!