8th Grade Science - Test 8

The following test has 10 questions.

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Which statement best describes the energy changes that occur while a child is riding on a sled down a steep, snow-covered hill?
  a. Kinetic energy decreases and potential energy increases.
  b. Kinetic energy increases and potential energy decreases.
  c. Both potential energy and kinetic energy decrease.
  d. Both potential energy and kinetic energy increase.

2. Which process is an example of a physical change?
  a. wood burning
  b. iron rusting
  c. ice melting
  d. milk souring

3. Base your answer to question 3 on the information below and on your knowledge of science.

A baseball strikes the roof of a car and dents it. The paint on the roof begins to crack and chip, exposing the metal. The exposed metal on the roof rusts, eventually causing a small hole in the roof.

Which event is a chemical change?
  a. The baseball strikes the roof.
  b. The roof of the car dents.
  c. The paint cracks and chips.
  d. The exposed metal rusts.


If the dartboard above is used to model an atom, which dart indicates where the protons and neutrons are located?
  a. Dart W
  b. Dart X
  c. Dart Y
  d. Dart Z


A gasoline-powered vehicle goes up a hill from point X to point Y. What energy transformation must occur in the carís engine?
  a. Chemical energy into mechanical energy
  b. Electrical energy into chemical energy
  c. Heat energy into chemical energy
  d. Mechanical energy into nuclear energy

6. The diagram below shows a student using a spring scale to pull a wooden block up a ramp that is resting on a stack of books.

Which change would require more force to pull the wooden block up the ramp?
  a. Have the student use two hands.
  b. Reduce the mass of the wooden block.
  c. Restack the books so the thinnest book is on the bottom.
  d. Glue sandpaper to the surface of the ramp.

7. Two students make hot chocolate. One student pours the hot chocolate into a foam cup. The other student pours the hot chocolate into a metal cup. The metal cup becomes too hot to touch, but the foam cup can be held comfortably. The best explanation for this difference in temperature is that the foam cup ó
  a. heats up much faster than the metal cup
  b. has a higher specific heat than the metal cup
  c. is a better conductor of heat than the metal cup
  d. has a specific heat that is similar to that of the metal cup


Which of these best describes what happens to the light ray in the diagram?
  a. Reflection
  b. Absorption
  c. Attraction
  d. Refraction


People pan for gold by scooping material from a streambed and shaking it in a pan as shown above. The gold nuggets in the pan can easily be separated from the sand and gravel because of their greater density. The material scooped from the streambed is an example of ó
  a. a solution
  b. a mixture
  c. an acid
  d. an element

10. How many elements are in the compound Mg(OH)2?
  a. 2
  b. 3
  c. 4
  d. 5

Good Luck!