8th Grade English/Language Arts - Test 8

The following test has 10 questions.

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1. What is the structure of the sentence below?

The storm howled throughout the night.

  a. compound
  b. simple
  c. complex
  d. compound/complex

2. Which sentence below is written correctly?
  a. We are going to the beach, whether the weather is good or bad.
  b. We are going to the beach, whether the whether is good or bad.
  c. We are going to the beach, weather the weather is good or bad.
  d. We are going to the beach, weather the wheather is good or bad.

3. How should the punctuation be corrected in the sentence below?

"I am pleased to report, said Principal Thompson, "that the budget for next year will be expanded greatly."

  a. Remove the comma after report.
  b. Remove the quotation marks after greatly.
  c. Add quotation marks after report.
  d. Remove the quotation marks before that.

4. Which sentence below is a compound sentence?
  a. My grandmother makes the best pie I have ever tasted.
  b. Cats climb trees and chase mice.
  c. My brother is very nosy, and he often gets into trouble.
  d. I think it is very important to tell the truth.

5. Which of the sentences below is an example of an imperative sentence?
  a. That play was fantastic!
  b. I have twenty-three kids in my class.
  c. Do you want another piece of chicken?
  d. Turn left at the corner.

6. Which word BEST fills in the blank in the sentence below?

Annie commented that parts of the ocean ________ green.

  a. wasn`t
  b. was
  c. is
  d. are

7. Which would be a good topic sentence to begin the second paragraph of the passage below?

A good smile is very important. Therefore it is very important to clean your teeth twice a day using the proper steps. There are three steps in this process: flossing, brushing, and rinsing.

  a. Smiling helps you make friends.
  b. It is important to rinse with a good mouthwash.
  c. Brushing should be done with an up-and-down motion.
  d. The first step is flossing between your teeth.

8. In the sentence below, which word is the subject?

Devon asked Sheila to explain the science experiment.

  a. Devon
  b. Sheila
  c. science
  d. experiment

9. Use the outline below to answer question 9

Where would the additional entry, "Where used energy goes," fit in the outline above?
  a. II. D
  b. I. C
  c. III. D
  d. IV.

10. In the sentence below, what change should be made to correct the capitalization error?

On our last vacation, we drove west to Colorado, then drove up to the Pacific northwest, and finally drove east to Montreal and Quebec City.

  a. Use a capital W in west.
  b. Use a capital N in northwest.
  c. Use a capital E in east.
  d. Use a small letter c in City.

Good Luck!